Friday, May 7, 2010

May Newsletter.

Greetings Fellow Art Aficionados, There is a lot of Activity going on around Forum right now, and we look forward to a Busy Summer! This month we have two scheduled events already!

We hope you have been able to enjoy the wonderful weather that has been ushered in, what better way to spend it though, than with Forum? On May 16th, Forum Artspace will have a closing for Art on Art (featuring work by Christina Day, Harris Johnson, Will Laughlin, and Brian Sabalausky). Yet this won't be any ordinary closing. It will also be a cookout and potluck!

Bbq vs. Potluck: Battle till the Bellyful Volume 1 @ Forum ArtSpace
On May 16th 4pm-10pm
1300 W. 78th Street, Cleveland Oh

Come bring your favorite dish, Bring something to throw on the grill, and possibly something to whet your whistle! We will be grilling, and hanging out, with an open gallery for all to check out Art on Art. Seating will be somewhat limited, so bring some lawn chairs if you can.

Then, on Friday May 21st, we will have a new show, and an opening. The Show is entitled "Not From Here: Poignant Demands" It is a group exhibition from The University of Akron Painting Department, with work by Kate Alboreo, Jamilia Falah, Liz Dunfee, Kelly Lawrence, Nicolle Lukezic, Sarah Murphy, Sean O'Donnell, George Read, Andrew Somoskey, Devon Spierling, and Becky Stanic. Poignant Demands will run from May 21st until June 18th.

In other news, the closing reception for Cleveland Institute of Art's 2010 BFA's is this Friday from 8-11 pm. It will also be open on Saturday from 10am-5pm. It is Throughout the Joseph McCullough Center at 11610 Euclid Avenue, and 11141 East Boulevard.

Recently, I stumbled across a really interesting blog - - Which focuses on art that deals with spatial relation in all sorts of manners. What I've read from it has been extremely beneficial, and the images are fantastic as well. I highly recommend this to everyone who enjoys contemplating art as much as they do making or experiencing it.

That's all for now!

-Forum ArtSpace

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