Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wilderness of Childhood

Come to 78th Street Studios this Friday for
John Martin's, Wilderness of Childhood opening at Forum Artspace

A Cleveland Artist and a wandering soul, John Martin’s Wilderness of Childhood juxtaposes his current landscape in Cleveland Heights to his early childhood growing up in suburban Detroit. This exhibition draws on various memories, forming an abstract whole that leaves room for the imagination. As the past is to us, these works might seem fleeting and incomplete, yet this comparison itself accentuates the finished quality of them. They are not static objects, rather they are evocative images meant for contemplation.

Opening reception Oct 15 5-9pm
Closing reception Nov 19 5-9pm

Besides John Martin's excellent show, many of the galleries are showing new work. Legation is presenting a solo exhibition of the 2006 CIA graduate Scott Goss, who makes two dimensional glass pieces focused on the cityscape of Cleveland. Live music will start in legation at 9:30. Kenneth Paul Lesko Gallery is opening Cinema 01, an exhibition of cinema inspired artwork. Check it out as well, for Forums own Micheal Abarca has a painting in it! As always, there is much more going on Come for the art, stay for the company, listen to the music and enjoy yourselves!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It was so great... let's do it again!

For everyone who came out, thank you! For everyone who didn't, you missed one hell of a time. And in case you haven't picked up a copy yet, this weeks Cleveland Scene has a small PR thing on us, which is our first time in print. Being super excited about it (and since they accidentally got the date wrong on our opening) we will be doing it all over again this Friday! Same time, same place. So if you didn't come before, here's your chance to come out, and if you already experienced it, here's your chance to hang out! Hope to see you all there.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

August Twentieth. Prepare yourself for....

On August 20th, Forum Artspace presents Bazaarbeque: Creatively Close. With our focus on bringing together the local art community, we welcome you to join us for a bbq/potluck in accord with our new show showcasing a wide variety of artwork from over 30 local artists. Paintings, drawings, ceramics, photography, adorable plush creatures... we intend to show the vast amount of ideas and talent that Cleveland has to offer.

We will be grilling out: providing some hamburgers, hotdogs, and veggie burgers. Feel free to bring a dish or something to throw on the grill for your self. $1 suggested donations for beer and water. So be prepared to enjoy some food, drink, music, art, and good company.

Show runs
August 20 - September 17, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just some interesting things....

Last night, Forum spent a productive evening having fun, and swimming in Lake Eerie. During this, we got into a pretty long discussion about art, and the forms in which it takes. I'm in the process of doing a small essay with regards to last nights discussion, but I thought I would open it up to anyone who might be listening.

It started with the age old issue of painting and photography, but quickly moved to areas involving printmaking, the mark, and the aura.

So my questions to you are, how do you feel about naming forms of artmaking? How does painting differentiate from drawing, and how do you categorize a work of art between these? Where does print (or other forms of reproduction) fall? Also, how do you evaluate the original, versus a duplicate, or even a mode of art that has no original?

Off topic, I recently found something that might be a useful tool to all Artists out there. is a site that is meant to give artists a resource and tool to keep level headed when it comes to the business side of their lives. Hope it's helpful!

June NewsLetter

A Monthly Update from your friends at Forum.

Our Current Show, Poignant Demands: Not from Here will be closing on June 19th. It will be the second BBQ vs Potluck: Keep Feedin' You and Feedin' You, so prepare for a day of grilling and chilling, with great art and conversation to back up the food. Again, bring something for the grill, something to whet your whistle, and a little something to share. The potluck will start at 6pm and go for at least three hours (most likely later).

Just like every month, 78th Street Studios will have our monthly Third Friday ( June 18th), with all the galleries and the artists open to the public. Forum will still be showing Poignant Demands.

Recently, some friends and CIA Alums in NYC have been getting even more attention for their artistic endeavor... if you don't know about Thu and her Crew at Food Party, I suggest you look into them! Imagine if Pee-wee learned to cook, and Pee-wee's Playhouse was renamed Pee-wee's Kitchen and you might have a bit of an idea what Food Party is all about. I'm not just talking them up because I enjoy them and their work, but also because it seems a great many people do. Here is a recent Article from the LA Times on Food Party.,0,6891576.story

For those of you who like to read and think as much as make,I recommend checking out Brevity, an online journal of concise nonfiction ( Some of the essays stick in my head for weeks.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

thought you all would like to take a look.

if you get a chance check this artist out. i have been following this guys work for a little while now and thought i should share my enthusiasm. he's got two short video's on babelgum in the outsiders series. 


his blog is pretty interesting as well, nothing but constant updates on art (his included), travel and general news. 


Enjoy, if you will.

Friday, May 7, 2010

May Newsletter.

Greetings Fellow Art Aficionados, There is a lot of Activity going on around Forum right now, and we look forward to a Busy Summer! This month we have two scheduled events already!

We hope you have been able to enjoy the wonderful weather that has been ushered in, what better way to spend it though, than with Forum? On May 16th, Forum Artspace will have a closing for Art on Art (featuring work by Christina Day, Harris Johnson, Will Laughlin, and Brian Sabalausky). Yet this won't be any ordinary closing. It will also be a cookout and potluck!

Bbq vs. Potluck: Battle till the Bellyful Volume 1 @ Forum ArtSpace
On May 16th 4pm-10pm
1300 W. 78th Street, Cleveland Oh

Come bring your favorite dish, Bring something to throw on the grill, and possibly something to whet your whistle! We will be grilling, and hanging out, with an open gallery for all to check out Art on Art. Seating will be somewhat limited, so bring some lawn chairs if you can.

Then, on Friday May 21st, we will have a new show, and an opening. The Show is entitled "Not From Here: Poignant Demands" It is a group exhibition from The University of Akron Painting Department, with work by Kate Alboreo, Jamilia Falah, Liz Dunfee, Kelly Lawrence, Nicolle Lukezic, Sarah Murphy, Sean O'Donnell, George Read, Andrew Somoskey, Devon Spierling, and Becky Stanic. Poignant Demands will run from May 21st until June 18th.

In other news, the closing reception for Cleveland Institute of Art's 2010 BFA's is this Friday from 8-11 pm. It will also be open on Saturday from 10am-5pm. It is Throughout the Joseph McCullough Center at 11610 Euclid Avenue, and 11141 East Boulevard.

Recently, I stumbled across a really interesting blog - - Which focuses on art that deals with spatial relation in all sorts of manners. What I've read from it has been extremely beneficial, and the images are fantastic as well. I highly recommend this to everyone who enjoys contemplating art as much as they do making or experiencing it.

That's all for now!

-Forum ArtSpace

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Art on Art Exhibition.

Forum Art Space Presents:


featuring work by-
Christina Day
Harris Johnson
Will Laughlin
Brian Sabalausky

April 16th - May 15th, 2010

Historically, Art has been a term used to describe one’s skill or mastery. Phrases such as “The art of blacksmithing”, “the art of baking”, or “the art of drawing” were all used to describe a plethora of actions. The Arts, referred to music, theatre, and dance while an Artist also encompassed painters and sculptors. Court Artists became masters of a skill, which they used to earn a living glorifying their patrons . 
Enter the twentieth century. After decades of intense turmoil and new artistic frontiers, the term has become much more faceted.  No longer is beauty the defining quality of art, nor is there a single subject that art deals with. In fact, it seems that art has no bounds. It has become an institution of thought and association, utilizing the human senses to deliberately inflict tailored experience to an audience. Yet what then, does one wish to convey with this vast array of sensation?
Art on Art examines and showcases the work of four young artists working in the Cleveland and Akron area who build immensely and knowingly on Art. Will Laughlin continues West Coast Abstraction, picking up where artists like John Mclaughlin and  Karl Benjamin left off. With his chronological (and geological) distance, Will is able to merge styles and ideas, acting almost as a curator while creating.  Harris Johnson has been looking to Picasso, reevaluating style, thought and subject. These new paintings have little to no basis in reality, and instead explore the spatial relationship of the painting.
Christina Day’s work comes from a strong material love. Dissatisfied with the contemporary perception of glitter, she has integrated it and other ‘craft’ materials into painting. The eye-catching qualities of these materials fit into the role of painting, since they are also made to be looked at.  Brian Sabalausky’s work is grounded in different concerns about contemporary art. Instead of drawing from the art itself, he pulls from the community and social standings that Art has formed. Looking at commodification and the formation of identity, his tongue-in-cheek work borrows from both sides of the advertisement industry, with the Art World as both subject and audience.
Pulling from both historical and contemporary sources, Art on Art examines, comments on, and explores multiple facets of Art.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

pics of event and work days.

Very special thanks to Mr. Abarca for all his time and effort.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thank you everyone!

I just wanted to say thanks on behalf of Forum Art Space to everyone who came out on Friday. Stay posted for our upcoming events. For the month of April, our call for artists exhibition will be opening on the 16th. The opening will be apart of the our buildings quarterly event the 78th Experience, happening both Friday and Saturday. Deadline for entries will be Friday, April 2nd. If you are not on our email list and want more info on the show, contact us at

-Thanks again.
Forum Art Space

Friday, March 12, 2010

March 19th Closing, and more!

Contrary to older statements and assertions, we will NOT be having an opening this coming Friday (March 19). Instead, we will have a closing for our current show. This is due mainly to changes with our construction plans, but there are other factors.

Artists who submitted will all be considered and kept on file for future shows, and we encourage people to Submit more work.

On a side note, our upcoming shows will be focusing around Art itself, and it's many functions and facets. Each show will define art as something else, showcasing and discussing its purposes, and how various means of achieving those purposes change. As a place called FORUM, we are hoping this will spark some good discussion, both in the gallery, and out!


Monday, March 1, 2010

Call For Artists!

Forum artspace is looking for artists to submit for our next opening, and more openings to come!

To Submit, please email us with the following:

*Contact information (Name, phone number, email address)

*Images of four (4) pieces of work (details are encouraged) We should be able to view most formats, but it is easiest if you stick to jpgs.

*Title sheet for your works (please include dimensions, and media used)

*Artists statement (approximately a paragraph, please have it relate to the work shown)

*CV (if you do not have one, please include as much information as you can, such as your education, awards, and past shows)

While we will always accept and look over submissions, the deadline for our upcoming show is Friday March 5th, 2010 (The actual show will be March 19th), We will always accept and catalog submissions.

On receiving your information, we will send confirmation of it, and then contact you again if we have further questions, inquiries, or would like to meet with you. If you have any questions concerning the process, please feel free to contact us. As a last note, if you are dealing with video work, or performance that cannot rightly be documented with photography (and are unable to email us short video clips) please contact us and we will work something out.

Lastly, feel free to forward this message to students, friends, and colleagues who you think may be interested.

Forum Artspace

1300 W. 78th Street

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thank you all for a great first event!

And once more, thank you to all the friends, family, fellow artists, and fantastic art aficionados. We had a superb turnout, and were very happy with all your responses. Unfortunately, it seems we did forget to take pictures ourselves of the event, so if any of you have photos, send em our way!

For your viewing pleasure though, we did get some great shots from the night before (setting up), So without further ado...

Proud of Our Indoor Sign

Lookin' fantastic on no sleep.

The outdoor sign ready to be hoisted up to full mast.

The Final Countdown..

A Whole lot of fantastic. (even the Gatorade)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Big Thank you to everyone who came to the artwalk last night

We had a wonderful evening, and were so happy to be able to share it with so many of you. It's been a very busy and hectic couple weeks, but the payoff was most definitely worth it. I should be posting pictures soon (as soon as I get them). I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Oh, I've heard word that tonight, our neighbors at TregonningandCo are having an oboe recital! If you feel the need, go stop on by!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Here we gooooo.....

Not too much to update about tonight, besides things seem to be moving along pretty well. Got a couple new and awesome pictures that Mike took of the place, both inside and outside.

We are looking forward to friday, hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Getting Things Done

As you might imagine, the past month has become a whirlwind of activity for the four of us, as we moved in, settled in, and got to work. Besides meetings about our goals, and figuring out what we want Forum to be, we've also been setting aside time for physical labor. Here are some photos from last night, as we repainted some of the walls as to get them clean and impressive for our first event.

We have plans for building mobile walls, so that partitioning and flexibility will be available. That way we will be able to accommodate various art, as well as allowing for our studio spaces to be as small, or large, as needed (Unfortunately the walls are still in the process, due to some flat tires on a trailer)

Here are some photos of the place

It took us a while....

But we are finally where we wanted to be! As of Today, it has been a little over three weeks since we moved into our new studio and gallery space at 1300 w. 78th (part of 78th studios). Forum, Art Space, our new gallery and studio, will have it's grand debut this friday (click here for link to the facebook event).

Here, we have a picture from our first day in the space, mind the mess (we were moving in!)