Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just some interesting things....

Last night, Forum spent a productive evening having fun, and swimming in Lake Eerie. During this, we got into a pretty long discussion about art, and the forms in which it takes. I'm in the process of doing a small essay with regards to last nights discussion, but I thought I would open it up to anyone who might be listening.

It started with the age old issue of painting and photography, but quickly moved to areas involving printmaking, the mark, and the aura.

So my questions to you are, how do you feel about naming forms of artmaking? How does painting differentiate from drawing, and how do you categorize a work of art between these? Where does print (or other forms of reproduction) fall? Also, how do you evaluate the original, versus a duplicate, or even a mode of art that has no original?

Off topic, I recently found something that might be a useful tool to all Artists out there. is a site that is meant to give artists a resource and tool to keep level headed when it comes to the business side of their lives. Hope it's helpful!

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